Religious pluralism is one of the west’s modernity and liberalism’s products which reflects the free-thinking conscience of the new world, who try to improve and if possible, omit the religious rigidity of the past....

Date : 2018-05-14


I hope a day will come soon, on which the Knowlege has its real value for us, since the Knowledge is Power.

Prof. Yahya Yasrebi

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Date : 2017-12-12

Happy New Iranian Yewr

Happy Nowruz

Date : 2017-03-19


Absolut trust to wisdom is more dangerous than absolute skepticism, since the way out is open just for skepticism, not for absolute trust.

Prof. Yasrebi


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Date : 2017-01-18


Philosophy is not a sort of story to be narrated; Philosophy is a sort of skill for right thinking about life matters.


Prof. Yahya Yasrebi


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Date : 2017-01-10

A memo on the occasion of New Year


All the prophets had invited people to kindness and mercy...

Date : 2016-12-28

The Devout Wises, the Architects of Safe and Secure House for Human’s Future

Speech by doctor Seyyed Yahya Yasrebi on International Religious Dialogue at the Vatican

Date : 2016-12-12

the human

The human is smaller than...

Date : 2016-08-20


Those who make people to sleep....

Date : 2016-08-16

fun, but learn

There is difference between educational environment and....

Date : 2016-07-13


Dogmatism and fanaticism sleep, is deep one. 

Date : 2016-06-11


Prophets have come to help people....

Date : 2016-05-31

Do not Fight the Violence by Violence

Countries opposed the extremists must pay attention to reform the Education...

Date : 2016-05-28


The flatterers of power are despicable power seekers!



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Date : 2016-05-01


When someone criticizes you....

Date : 2016-04-27

The Superstion



The superstition is a shelter for populace to escape from the pain of wisdom and rationalism.

Date : 2016-04-23

Philosophy Is Centered of the Global Balance

Philosophy means thinking about everything that form humans’ character and life, and Philosopher is the one who release people from the clutches of superstitions by wisdom.

Date : 2016-03-31

Some Little Points

As a kid, fearing of darkness is normal, but as an adult, escaping of enlightenment is really painful.

Date : 2016-01-13

Mental development is the basis of universal morality

In the past, each area of world had its own values and taboos. As there were no relation between different places, those various values were not annoying.

Date : 2015-12-27

What is the reason of suffering and turmoil in the Islamic world?

Today, as we know, the Islamic World has a lot of problems, such as:




Date : 2015-12-14

Where is Shiz ( Takht-e Soleymān)?

Shiz which ruins are now called Takht-e Soleymān, is placed around Takab, West Azerbaijan, Iran. In Sasanian Empire it was a great religion center for Zoroaster followers named as Azargoshasb temple, which was for kings and royal families.

It’s length is 400 meters and width is 310 meters. It has 37 towers and in the center is an oval lake which its depth is from 40 to 100 meters. It’s the greatest temple from Sasanian era.

Date : 2015-11-29