Prof. seyyed Yahya Yasrebi was born in 1942 in the northwest of Iran. 
His education was started on Islamic knowledge and religious sciences 1950 in Zanjan and Qom. he continued his education on philosophy in Tehran university from 1965. He exprienced greatest masters and professors' presence that lead him to have critical ideas and views.
He, as a philosophy master, wrote more than hundred books and articles on critique and theorizing and involved seriousely in philosophy, epistemology and theology.
Dr. Yasrebi also, criticizes social and political issues of Iran and Islam world to surmount the ignorance and dogmatism.
In his opinion, there is no way to make changes in social and political life, but by changing and developing the humanities. And, such a thing starts by philosophy and epistemology. this point is not possible, except by criticizing the current traditions.