A memo on the occasion of New Year


All the prophets had invited people to kindness and mercy. But, their followers have been violent and have oppressed even to their own fellows. What is the reason of this oppression and misbehavior? religion or human?

In my opinion, the base of violence and cruelty is not the religion, but the mind of human. Humans, as a result of short-sighted and narrow-mindedness and lack of understanding and wisdom, have two wrong opinions of religion which provide grounds for cruelty and violence:

1- Ignoring the main message of prophets for helping people to have a fair life, religious custodians concluded that the aim of sending prophets by God was taking God’s rights from people. So, they assume people as sinful creatures who violate God’s rights, therefore must be punished. They consider God oppressed, the Evil powerful and human as despicable mercenary of demon!

2- The religious custodians suppose themselves responsible for the salvation of others! That means they must use anything to prevent people from following Satan and forced them to serve God! Such opinion stems from religious custodians’ arrogance and their shepherding relationship with people.

I hope there will be a day that all the religious custodians and their followers understand that must worship God and serve people. God loves all the people, so we must love them and support them. we must learn that human is created free and conscious by God and he never makes human to worship God. We also must learn that human relationship with religious custodians is a relation of guidance so that human can recognize the way and help himself to achieve the salvation.

Happy New Year 2017

Prof. Yahya Yasrebi



Translate by F. Baghipour