Where is Shiz ( Takht-e Soleymān)?


Shiz which ruins are now called Takht-e Soleymān, is placed around Takab, West Azerbaijan, Iran. In Sasanian Empire it was a great religion center for Zoroaster followers named as Azargoshasb temple, which was for kings and royal families.

It’s length is 400 meters and width is 310 meters. It has 37 towers and in the center is an oval lake which its depth is from 40 to 100 meters. It’s the greatest temple from Sasanian era.

Undoubtedly, there was a palace for kings and princess in that place. In Owrang palace was a Khosrow’s famous throne named as Taghdis which based on the sun’s place on the sky it was rotatable, had been built of ivory and teak, and had a golden and silver umbrella.

Greek writers called Shiz as northern Ekbatan.


The Muslims conquered Azerbaijan

Different reports talk about various wars which happened to conquer this region. The border guard was Esfandiyār whose brother was Rostam Farrokhzad and he decided to Surrender.  

There was a peace contract which its content was very important. At this contract the commander of Islam Army accepted to receive some money as Jizya and:

* Do not destroy temples and enslave people

* Do not prosecute Kudrish

* do not prevent people from doing religion ceremonies


After the Muslims’ conquering

It was a rule that after conquering a region, its people gradually change their religion to religion of winners. But, this change for people who were living near the temples was happened later, because:

  1. Their education and religious background were more sustained
  2. The conquerors mostly respect the temples.


Shiz, Zoroastrianism and Pahlavi during the next centuries

For a long time Azarbayjan people tried to keep their language and religion. About 4 to 5 centuries later their language was Pahlavi and they follow Zoroaster religion. 

It was known that the original version of Avesta was keeping in Azargoshasb temple. Though, gradually the power of the Pahlavi was decrease, still it was a common language at that region.


A warning to the cultural and tourism authorities


Our authorities don’t pay enough attention to tourism. The tourism not only has economic benefit for country, but also is the best way to introduce Iran to the world. It could help us to not be isolated and improve the relation with other countries. People of other countries, directly can see that Iranians are kind and wise. We have seriously pay attention to this issue.



translate by F. baghipour